Tuesday, September 24, 2013

First Drafts

So have I ever told you about first drafts?  You probably know about them.  Basically, you transfer your ideas from your brain or your outline to your paper.  The point is to get those words on there.; later you'll revise and polish.  

Sometimes I am rather formal in my first drafts, but other times I'm really frustrated or annoyed or whatever so I just loosen up and have some fun.  

I thought I'd show you my most recent first draft.  I definitely had some fun with this one!  :P

Hi, I’m here to tell you about an epical character.  His name is Phileas Fogg, and he’s the main character in Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days.  Now, Mr.  Fogg is frankly pretty awesome and slightly/very reminiscent of Mr.  Spock.  I think they would have been friends.  Well, it would matter on whether or not Mr. Spock could play whist.  Phileas Fogg is honourable, brave, and completely imperturbable.  I don’t think I spelled that right but spell check is accepting it; it might be a different word than I meant but this is the first draft for a reason.  Bascially, Phileas Fogg is awesome; read on and I’ll tell you all about it.  

I’ll start with how honorable he is.  And he totally is; honorable, that is.  First off, I should tell you that he pays all his debts.  He’s a rich man, and whenever he contracts with someone to do something for him, he pays them.  Plus, whenever he feels that they’ve done an exceptionally good job, he pays them extra.  Called immediately to mind talking about all this is that elephant handler—he paid him to his job and then gave him the elephant as a bonus.  Which was pretty awesome of him.  And then, this lady person named Auoda came across his path (long story) and she was penniless and needed help so he took care of her every want and treated her like a lady even though it’s a big hurry to get around the world in only eighty days and pretty expensive too and idk I think he was pretty awesome here.  Lastly, he did a duel.  Now, let’s remember that he’s an Englishman and not Catholic so he does the duel thing.  Anyway, there was this guy and they ticked each other off and eventually they did a duel and Fogg didn’t chicken out even though the guy was really scary.  And he was in a hurry, but he said that even if he should have to come back to America to finish his engagement he would.  So yes, Phileas Fogg is pretty darn honorable.  

And brave.  Now we get to the Auoda part.  He mouinted a daring night raid against creepy evil people who were trying to burn her alive so that was interesting but he went to save her and at one point he was ready to just rush in and grab her out.  His friends held him back because that would have been certain death, but it’s the thought that counts, right?  Anyway that was pretty awesome and another time, while in America, he went off leading a contingent of soldiers to rescue three guys, one of whom was his servant, Passepartout, from a band of Indians who had captured them so that was interesting too.  And then there was the boat thing.  He randomly hopped on a boat and just kinda went.  Even though it was really dangerous he just went through and big storm and it was really scary but he didn’t stop at all and also in another boat he basically stripped it apart and that was scary too but it might have been the same boat but anyway he was really brave.  He risked life and limb to win his debt but shhh if we analyze it too much it ruins the story bye bye now.  

Okay now lets talk about how imterturbable this guy is.  Nothing can shake him.  NOTHING.  Let me explain.  He’s basically risking his entire fortune on whether or not he can actually get around the world in eighty days.  This means each obstacle could be catastrophic.  Detained in jail?  Okay, he’ll make it up later on.  Super rough storm holding the ship back?  Whatevs.  I’ll just play whist and read.  I don’t even care, bro.  Detained in jail with no chance of ever making up the time again?  Okay then.  I may punch you for being a jerk and an idiot but that’s about it.  I’m going home; prepare by tea and toast thnx.  

So basically Phileas Fogg was interesting and totally awesome.  Nothing would throw him ever, he was really brave and he was honorable besides.  He was an awesome character, a gentleman definitely and also an eccentric but all around cool.  Phileas Fogg, everybody.

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