Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sometimes I Think Up a Good Post...

Or even a semi-good one.

As I walk about my room, doing whatever (probably actively avoiding the things I should be doing and/or planning to do them and/or finally doing them) I think up this amazing blog post.

It's funny, sarcastic, subtly witty--just the thing you want to
send to your entire email list with the title "Haha look how funny this is this is hilarious!"

Just kidding.  Don't ever do that.  It's super annoying.

But as soon as I walk over to my computer to write down the oh-so-funny post (or even slightly-passably-maybe-funny post) all good post thoughts flee my mind.

So I'm stuck writing stuff like this.

So funny.

So hilarious.

I wish I was that type of person to have a slightly-funny thing happen to them and then be able to spin it into this fantastic story that has you rolling on the floor in stitches, both begging for and dreading more.

But in reality I'm the type of person who thinks about doing stuff like that and then complaining how I'm not that kind of person.

Finally, don't look at the time stamp on this thing.  All the complaining is kinda ironic on the day it is today.

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