Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Stupid summer colds.

On the upside, the newest Hobbit production video blog thingy came out! :D

And as an update on The Silmarillion, it is a very depressing book indeed.  I got attached to this character, Denethor.  (Primarily because of the novelty of there being two Denethors but why exactly I got attached to him doesn't matter because I got attached and that's the point.)

Anyhoo.  This particular Denethor is an Elf, the son of Lenwë.  And he died.  He died two pages, TWO FREAKIN' PAGES after he was introduced.

The Elves he ruled over were so devastated at his passing (he was killed in battle) that they, as a people, never fought in battle again nor had another king.

And that brings an end to today's blog post.  

Instead of a quote, I shall leave you with an annoyed Bilbo.  


  1. LOL at the Bilbo gif! :D That is so me when I'm home alone and the doorbell or telephone rings! XD


    1. Haha, same. XD Actually for me, depending on how tired I am, it's more of a what-if-its-a-murderer panic. (Door, obviously...I just let the telephone ring or depending on who it is pick up and then depending on who it is talk to them or just say Mom isn't around she'll prob. be back in about an hour try then.) Many a repair man has had the door opened by me in the midst of slicing an apple or some other fruit. (When I'm on the ground level alone or when I don't exactly know where Mom is or even just as a precaution I figure cutting fruit is a good excuse to have a knife in hand.)

  2. Is that amy Pond in the first picture?

  3. Hope you get better soon and enjoy the rest of The Silmarillion! That book is pretty darn depressing at some points. XD

    1. Thank you; I have been getting better. :) And I'll try, but I'm still upset over Denethor's death. And as it is a depressing book and near every time I hit a particularly depressing part I seem to put it aside at this rate I might finish it before Sherlock Season 3. :P (JK, I plan to finish it within the next couple of weeks.)


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