Monday, April 14, 2014

The List

Ah, the List.

The List is a place where things go that you want to remember.  Often it's a book or TV series to try, or a friend you want to write a letter to.  Sometimes it contains less nice things, like a chore that needs to be done or a deadline that needs to be properly reached.

The List is rarely written out.  Sometimes certain important items are immortalized on a sticky note and hung over a desk or a bed, but the majority of the List stays in the mind.

Nonetheless, it is intensely useful to say the various items out loud.  For instance: "Mental note: watch Pushing Daisies."  This verbal communication acts as a sort of glue to keep the items firmly fixed to their spot on the List; else they might fall behind the mental dresser, along with a few dust bunnies, old passwords, and that embarrassing happenstance when you were ten.

The List is continually revised and rewritten, as new items are penciled in, completed items triumphantly taken out, outdated items tossed in the junk pile of regret and failure, and lost items recovered from behind the dresser.

If you do not already have a List, I should advise you to get one immediately.  Not only is it inexpensive and incredibly useful, but you sound very intelligent and organized when, upon being asked to do something or advised to try something, you are able to say: "I'll put it on the List."

Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things.
-Marcus Tullius Cicero(x)

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