Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Semi-Classical Training

I'm hoping to make this blog a little more...professional, I suppose.  Have an organized tag system.  Cohesive posts.  Frequent updates.  Y'know.  Everything I'm bad at.

That said, in this post I thought I'd go back to the reason I chose the name I did.  I love names that mean something.  All my online handles have a special meaning behind them, from a thrilling moment in my early teens, to a particular battle that struck my fancy, to a game and method of address my siblings and I used to use.  But those are for a later time.  ;)

A Semi-Classical Training came about because I was thinking about my life.  I've been raised as a Roman Catholic, a religion which, tracing its founding back around two thousand years, can definitely be considered traditional.  My homeschool program instructed me in mathematics; I learned Latin for a few years; I've received exposure to many classical works.  I sing in a choir.  All of our songs are very religious, and many of them are leaning towards the more traditional side.  Think Latin and a (at least) couple hundred years old, be it the tune or the words.

But despite my upbringing in a traditional background, I haven't been completely sheltered from the world.

And lest anyone be freaking out right now, I don't mean that in a "ooooooo the people who raised me were super horrible I was thrust into the harsh, unforgiving, outside world without any preperation whatsoever."

I mean it in a "I was properly equipped for and have been/am being exposed to the dangers of the world in a way matched up with my maturity level."

So, this wasn't going to be the "super-sheltered, homeschooled Christian, basically lives in the 1800's" blog.   Nor was it going to be the "super hot actors, frequent cussing, parents r soo lammsies!!!1!" blog.  This is a "living in/ preparing for a modern world while keeping traditional values" blog.

This is about a semi-classical training, and its results.

Don't limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time.
-Rabindranath Tagore (x)

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