Wednesday, May 8, 2013


It's been awhile, hasn't it?  *looks around* Is anyone still reading this?  *shrugs*  Well, if not, all I'm doing is talking to myself, which isn't anything new.

Anyway, I'm caught up on my school!  You heard that right.  Essays=done.  Very big very scary Roe v. Wade essay that ending up being like 15 pages=done.  Test and essay on A Man for All Seasons=done.

So what's up in my world?  Other than being done (YAY!).  Still can't wrap my mind about how I'm done.

A Man for All Seasons is really tremendously good by the way.  It's by Robert Bolt.  READ IT.

I now have a totally unrelated meme that Blue posted on the Lakehouse and I just thought it was really funny so I'm posting it here okay.

And there you are.  I hope it made you laugh.  

What else?  Hmmm...well, I'm reading The Song at the Scaffold for English, currently.  I haven't as of yet gotten started on the actually book, but from the prefaces and stuffs that Seton is making me read first it looks pretty okay.  

I've noticed Seton really likes to assign books on--or rather, that take place during--the French Revolution.  I mean, we have The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Song at the Scaffold, A Tale of Two Cities...I feel like there should be more.  Maybe that's all there is.  Huh.  But also because of the movie Les Miserables is big, so I was thinking about that too.  Even though it's not assigned by Seton.  

I feel like I'm babbling.  Am I babbling?  (Yes, Spork, you are babbling.)  Okay, then, should I stop babbling?  (Yes, Spork, you probably should.)  Well then!  Moving on.  

I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and had a shopping spree. ^_^  It was very fun, and I got several supplies I've been wanting for a while.  And I tried pastels!  First time, ever.  I used oil pastels some when I was little, but pastels and oil pastels, as far as I can tell, are not the same thing.  I really like them.

...I tried to post my picture that I drew but I can't right now so sorry about that.  It wasn't the best (it was of the Eleventh Doctor) but considering I didn't use a reference and it was my first time with pastels I was pretty proud of myself.  Still am.  

Well, I should get back to reading.  So, peace out, good bye, etcetera.

You need a quote.

I should give a parting quote.  

Colan stood bare and weaponless;
Earl Harold as in pain,
Strove for smile, put hand to head,
Stumbled, and suddenly fell dead,
And the small white daisies all waxed red,
With blood out of his brain.  
-G.K. Chesterton, The Ballad of the White Horse
P.S.  Just for a heads up, the quote is from memory so it might not be entirely correct, and the punctuation almost certainly is not entirely correct.

P.P.S.  That's my mom's favorite stanza in the Ballad.  You're welcome, Mom.

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  1. I accidentally deleted your comment, Shaak! I just thought I'd put it here that I read and appreciated it. :)


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