Wednesday, December 5, 2012


You know, I never seem to be able to think up good post titles.  Accurate ones would probably be: "Randomness", "Randomness, Randomness, and More Randomness", "Random Stuff", "Random", "Random Things", "The Random Thoughts I Think", etc.  I could probably think up good post titles if I put some effort into it, but...
It's pretty hard to come up with a good title if the post itself isn't organized.

By the way, I applaud all of you who have organized posts.  You are amazing.

I am excited right now!  Actually, no, I'm feeling tired right now and perhaps a little sick/queasy, but it would be a good time for an excited feeling.
You see, many awesome things have happened lately.

I have finished my English for the quarter.  Halfway done with the English 11 course!

I have Christmas presents for all my three brothers.  I just need to wrap Dexter's, and I have the materials for Casey's and Grylls'.
I'm making Casey a Doctor Who shirt.  Well, to put it more exactly, I'm decorating a plain white long-sleeve shirt to look like the eleventh Doctor.  With suspenders and a bowtie.  *squeals* He's going to look so cute!
And I have no qualms about posting his present here because even if he somehow got to my blog, he can't read yet, so it's not an issue.
Grylls, on the other hand, can most definitely read so all I'm going to say is that he's going to like it.

I finished The Secret of Chimneys.  What. A. Plot. Twist.

Okay, I have more to say but I'm pretty tired now and therefore done.

I shall being seeing ya'll tomorrow; or not, depending on whether I get around to posting.

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