Sunday, August 26, 2012


Bookstores are just...awesome.  Sometimes I buy a book, sometimes I don't, but it's so much fun just to go and look around!

My dad took me and my siblings to Barnes and Noble today. (Y'know, we really need to stop shopping on Sundays...)  I SAW DOCTOR WHO BOOKS!!!!!! But I decided to buy Star Wars: Clone Wars Gambit: Siege, which is what I came for. The Doctor Who stuff was tempting, though.
I'll let myself read Siege when I finish week 6 of my school.  When I was in the science fiction section, I overheard a conversation. (I guess it's true that when Star Wars fans hear the words "Star Wars," you immediately have their attention.)  The guy talking didn't seem to like Star Wars very much.  Also at Barnes and Noble, there was a girl who was wearing an epic Superman shirt.  It was blue--Superman blue--with the Superman symbol on it.  IT WAS AMAZING.  Again, at Barnes and Noble, I saw FOUR SHELVES, four up-and-down sections of bookcases, branded with "Teen Paranormal Romance." Pardon, one shelf was "New Teen Paranormal Romance."
...what is our literary society coming to?  *shudders*

I love walking into bookstores.  They are gigantic rooms, filled with one of the best scents in the world--that of a book.  A bookstore is a portal to endless worlds.  Some are dangerous and must be avoided, but others of these paper-enclosed-worlds hold beautiful adventures worthy of any reader. A wealth of information, on subjects from the Taj Mahal to geometry to American literature of the colonial period, is disguised as an unassuming book.  Other books hold nothing, preparing to be filled with the thoughts of the owner.  Some books are naught but pictures; others are board books for a child's hands.  If one is looking for excitement, adventure, information, or even something to busy the chilrden with, a trip to the bookstore is recommended. 

I know, I know, libraries are the free bookstore, but I that wasn't my topic! :P


  1. I love book stores. They bring me serenity. I brought that Star Wars book a year ago... I read it at school and they were all thinking when am I gonna get over star wars. I never will :D Yeah, it's true that the word star wars sends a kinda alarm bell in your brain :D
    I had to pick between hunger games and star wars once, it was tempting, but in the end I decided I'll come back later for star wars since I don't even know which book to read yet

  2. Oh, yes. Here's my favorite prayer:

    Our father, who art in Heaven,
    And has also written a book...

    ...And lead me not into temptation.
    Especially bookstores.

    Ah, I'm just kidding. But not about the content! ; )


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