Monday, May 19, 2014

In Summer

"Oh the sky will be blue, and you guys will be there too..."
-Olaf, Frozen (2013)

Hey guys!  It's been a while, but hopefully it won't be so long next time since I have...drumroll please...FINISHED SCHOOL!  And not just any school...I'm done with highschool!  I will be going to college this fall, but for this summer—this last, glorious summer—I'm pretty much free to do absolutely whatever I want.  And I want to do lots of things!  

I do want to get a summer job, but our family will be going on vacation a couple times this summer so that could potentially get a little awkward...  I'm also thinking of making things and opening an etsy and/or Society6 shop, which brings me to a definite plan for this summer...

Making art!  I want to practice drawing, as well as experiment with different styles and techniques.  For instance: I got some watercolors and brushes several months ago, but have been so busy with school I really haven't had the chance to use them.  I also received some calligraphy pens and ink as Christmas presents and still haven't even opened the packages. Though I don't enjoy art enough to make it a permanent profession, I do love it as a hobby.  (And if, y'know, I can make a couple dollars here and there off my hobby, well, that's not bad at all!)

Another thing on the summer to-do list is work on some sewing.  I've got dolls that need dresses, pillows that need covers, and an old blanket to make into a patchwork quilt.  And to do all that, I've got a big bin full of cloth just aching to be used.  More on the line of a definite maybe, there's some skirts I want to make for myself, as well as some aprons I may produce and sell.  (on etsy.  that's part of the etsy thing.)  

As for the digital frontier this summer, there are some movies I want to watch (can anyone say Man of Steel?), and lots of editing to do on GIMP.  I've got blogs to run: this one, an MCU tumblog, and potential other fandom blogs down the road.  (A Doctor Who tumblog, perhaps?)  And coding.  Computer coding.  I'm going to learn that too—in fact, I already am, using this nifty website!  I've already done a great deal of HTML and CSS, and I'm starting with PHP and JavaScript.

But the first thing, the very first thing, on my summer to-do list is to give my room a thorough cleaning.  And with that, I shall leave you all.  

What are your plans for this summer?

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