Saturday, July 7, 2012

Back to School Shopping!!!

I recently went school supplies shopping, which is nearly always an enjoyable experience. 

Among the things I have to show for the trip are these wonderful school notebooks.  They're such pretty colors!  The front cover is this plasticy thing that should handle spills very well (and who doesn't drip/spill on their notebooks/books at one point or another?).  Additionally, the plastic is floppy, which should make it more difficult to permanently bend than standard notebook covers.  Inside the cover is a folder, with one pocket on each side.  Perfect for the things (that technically should have been done in the notebook) that I do on looseleaf!  The back cover is a sturdy cardboard and has the squeaky, waxy feel that means liquid in small amounts should do little/no damage.  (You know the type of cardboard I'm talking about.) 

In addition to these wonderful school notebooks, I got a smaller, journal-type notebook for quotes!  I'm trying to decide which wonderful quote to write first.  Perhaps...

"I have a bad feeling about this."
          -various characters, Star Wars

Or maybe...

"There once was a boy named Eustace Clarence Scrubb and he almost deserved it."
          -narrator, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Anyway, the quotebook is quite nice.  It is hardcover and the cover has a colorful, absract design on it.  It features a colored elastic to keep the book closed, and a satin ribbon to mark the page.  Inside, the 160 pages are done in pink ink on white paper.  The lines are fairly close together, leaving ample writing space for quotes! 

Also purchased were Sharpies...

Post-Its (Super Sticky and in cool colors)...

a patterned bin (theoretically for organization)...

and a pack of gum.  (What?!  You don't count gum as a school supply?  Well I never. :P) 

Last but not least, my planner!  I am a very disorganized person so this should really help!  It has room for more than a year's worth of weeks, which is nice.  Unfortunately, it's paperback, but I'm pretty nice to books so hopefully it will last me for a while.  Each week is on two pages: Mon.-Thurs. on the right, and Fri.-Sun. on the left, with a little space for notes.  The inside features pink ink on white paper (sound familiar?) and there are these wonderful lines for keeping my writing straight!  The font used for the letters is very cool: a pixelated-type font.  And the front cover!  I love what it says...

That about wraps it up!  Thanks for reading! 
(Yes, I took these pictures.)


  1. You're new school supplies are so cool! And I love the idea of a quote book. I've tried it before, many times, but I always lose notebooks every couple of days and don't find them again for at least several months... So all my quotes are just scattered around probably twelve different notebooks. But It's okay—I love finding a notebook and saying, "Oh yeah, I remember that!" and laughing at the stuff that's in it. : )

    1. Quotes are pure awesome. It must be really cool to find those old quote books!

    2. Yep! And by the way, where do you go for back to school shopping? I reeeeeally want to get one of those organizers! ; )

  2. I love that gum is a school supply! And you should have bought some staples, hmph! JK.
    -- Staples


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